Here you can calculate the approximate price for a trip.

The selected routes in this tool do not always correspond with the route, wich will be taken by the driver. We usually take the shortest and therefor the cheapest route for you. Of course, as a customer you can instruct the driver to take the fastest route, which is not always the cheapest, though. The price calculator calculates an approximate pricce on the basis of the distance in kilometers and travel time. The approximate price can still vary according to the trip. After processing your request, you will be able to see the exact final price.

If you plan long waits or breaksm please state them under "remarks".

Additionally, it is possible to use our carpooling offer:
As soo as you send a request, saying you are interested in sharing a ride with other people, your request will get into our carpooling offer. Like this it is possible to confirm you booking only when other customers are interested in the same trip. Then the final price will of course be lower for each customer

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